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Be the Detective

Welcome to Adventure Park

Welcome to Adventure Park

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After a 40-year-old water slide is demolished to make way for a new attraction, human remains are discovered.  Detective Phineas Quinn is hired to get to the bottom of this decades-old cover-up and exonerate the owners before the bad press tarnishes the park's reputation.

Join Detective Quinn and help him investigate this 3-part mystery.  Each episode contains case evidence and new objectives that bring you closer to the truth. 



Recommended for 1-8 players, ages 14+.  Contains mature themes.  Parental discretion is advised.

Perfect for game night, date night, or solo play. 


  • Veiled Details – Read the documents carefully to unravel the mystery.
  • Challenging Puzzles – Use critical thinking skills to piece together the evidence and timelines.
  • Codes & Cyphers – Unriddle secret messages and unlock hidden content.
  • Evidence Tie-Ins – Solve questions in future episodes by indexing important details along the way.
  • Dynamic Clues – Follow the trail of evidence into the real world.  Warning: Some details in this fictional case may be difficult to decipher from reality!


  • A phone and internet connection 


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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Angela Henry
Adventure Park

I love it!

M. Akers
The toughest game I've played so far

I played this one after playing their other game and at first I was shocked and a bit disoriented by the detail. My advice is to read everything and read carefully and don’t jump to conclusions. I had to read everything two and three times to catch all of the clues. This means everything or you will not solve this case. It’s really a game of observation and what is going on under the surface. What is not being said as much as what is said. It took us several weeks to solve, because honestly I had to walk away and take breaks. I would not say this one is a light-hearted play. It's a challenge, but not a Friday night easy play.

I'm a retired police detective and I can say that whoever this team is that created it is legit. People who don't want to take the time to analyze the character’s relationships, get in their head space, and use that to fill in information should not attempt to play this game. My wife was getting frustrated because she wanted to speed play and make guesses and the more she did the more mad she got. She didn’t like that they don’t tell you everything and the only way to figure some things out is to get to know people and do a lot of if this then that without the game telling you what to think. She gave in and I finished it with just my daughter. This game does not follow formulas and it doesn't spoon feed you like a Deadbolt Mystery Society game or some other games I play from time to time. I love those for a quick play with my family, but this isn't one of those. You have been warned. They may take this review down because honestly I think most people shouldn't play this one. It’s just not for everyone. I would think most people are not patient enough or maybe analytical enough to stick with it. I’m glad I did because I THOROUGHLY enjoyed it. If you dare to give it a try, good luck!