Welcome to Adventure Park

When a waterslide is demolished at Adventure Park, human remains are discovered, unearthing questions about the owner’s past.  With the help of Detective Quinn, can you dive into park’s shady history to untangle this twisted tale?



Product Description

Welcome to Adventure Park!

Solve by yourself, or with friends.  Perfect for date night or game night.


  • Veiled Details – Read the documents carefully to unravel the mystery.
  • Challenging Puzzles – Use critical thinking skills to piece together the evidence and timelines.
  • Codes & Cyphers – Unriddle secret messages and unlock hidden content.
  • Evidence Tie-Ins – Solve questions in future episodes by indexing important details along the way.
  • Dynamic Clues – Follow the trail of evidence into the real world.  Warning: Some details in this fictional case may be difficult to decipher from reality!


  • A phone and internet connection   

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